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Career Counselling


Name & Designation Department Nominated as
Dr. Bhumika Kanjilal, Assistant Professor Philosophy Jt. Convener
Dr. Roli Shukla Ray, Assistant Professor Zoology Jt. Convener
Dr. Proloy Ganguly, Assistant Professor Geology Member
Smt. Nidhi Misra, Assistant Professor Political Science Member
Sri Nisith Mondal, Assistant Professor Economics Member
Sri Sibaji Rit, Assistant Professor Mathematics Member
Sri Debdeep Chowdhury, Staff Office Member


The Career Counselling and Placement Cell; Durgapur Government College works with the mission of promoting higher education and aims in guiding the students in their choice of future career. Motivating the students is the prime aim of this cell. The Career Counselling and Placement Cell projects the guiding principles in such a way that the students may visualize a plan for themselves following which may lead them to success. This makes the present and ongoing study of students all the more goal directed. The Cell has the mission of reaching out to maximum number of students and benefit them. The vision of the cell is to ignite that confidence in students of all kinds; with different learning habits, mode of understanding and technique of adaptation to skills; which would help in considering themselves as self independent and self reliant. The readiness of a student is perhaps the best tool by way of which he or she can cope with the future challenges which the Job market thrusts on. The Career Counselling and Placement Cell have the mission of shaping this readiness of mind. The Cell thus promotes Critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving abilities, organizational or leadership qualities so that students can better understand the basic requirements of higher studies and professions. Motivation is also required to help students break free of all sorts of fear and uncertainties that they feel and for most of the cases stay indifferent to the myriads of possibilities that different types of short-term training or internships may render. The Cell thus has the mission of making students equipped and to make them think on the issue that Higher education in a particular field of study may not only mean that we need to follow a curriculum provided based strictly on theoretical knowledge. A student may also have the courage of pursuing any vocational training which would enhance skill required for industries. The Cell even suggests changes in the form of up gradation of the curriculum to the University to materialize the mission of building that bridge between pure academics and Industry requirement. The cell thus plays the role of a moral guide and tries to sustain that conviction in students by way of which they would not find any field of study less lucrative and feel the peer pressure which might erode their will power.



The Career Counselling and the Placement Cell functions under the guidance of the Principal, Durgapur Government College and seeks all sorts of decision-making advice from him. The Cell regularly calls for meeting of the members where all decisions regarding motivational and activity-based events are chalked out. Speakers and Resource persons from various Universities and Institutions are invited in Webinars. The Cell organizes Webinars and Workshops with the help or in collaboration with different Departments of the College. The webinars or Workshops may be on promoting Higher Education/ rendering all possible information regarding Job possibilities/ on Research and Research methodologies/ on ICT and Soft kills. The Cell keeps a constant contact via mail with all students (from the faculty of Arts /Science/Commerce) so that it is aware of any problem or any query related to the preparation of competitive examinations or preparation for higher studies or any question regarding compassing and Placement so on and so forth. The cell also renders help by sharing the contacts (emails) of different proficient scholars and resource person with the students via mail so that any individual approach may also be made by any particular student. The Cell takes feedback from students on any webinars organized and even assigns small task in Google Class rooms (in the form of quiz/short questions/ MCQS) so that the students feel recognized and motivated. The Cell also keeps in touch with different companies and organizes Campus Interview for students. In doing so the special aim of the Cell has always been to collect the employer’s Feedback so that the cell may latter analyze the feedback and rationalize on the deficiency in execution of the curriculum or suggesting up gradation of the curriculum to the University. Moreover, keeping all Covid protocols in mind the Cell airs all events via You Tube Live.


1 Higher Education and Career Opportunities for Philosophy Graduates: Department Specific Webinar Series 29th of June 2021 For philosophy graduates (Department of Philosophy DGC) Professor Maushumi Guha; Professor of Philosophy and Joint Coordinator of the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Department of Philosophy Jadavpur University
2 Higher Education and Career Opportunities for Physics Graduates” 30th of June 2021 For Physics Graduates (Department of Physics DGC) Dr. Biswajit Maiti, Associate Professor, Department of Physics Maulana Azad College
3 Scope of Research and Research Methodology for Zoology Graduates: Department Specific Webinar Series 27th August 2021 For Zoology Graduates (Department of Zoology DGC) Dr. Kousik Pramanik, Professor, Integrative Biology Research Unit (IBRU) Department of Life Sciences, Presidency University
4 Promoting Higher Education and Awareness on Job Opportunities amongst Zoology Graduates: Department Specific Webinar Series 28th August 2021 For Zoology Graduates (Department of Zoology DGC) Dr. Arindam Bhattacharya, Professor, Immunology Lab, Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta
5 One Day State Level Webinar on “Fundamentals of Research Methodology in Plant Science for Botany Graduates: Department Specific Webinar Series 24th September 2021 For Botany Graduates (Department of Botany DGC) Dr. Sanjeev Pandey, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, B.B. College, Asansol
6 One Day State Level Webinar on “Higher Education and Career Opportunity Prospects for Botany Graduates: Department Specific Webinar Series 11th September 2021 For Botany Graduates (Department of Botany DGC) Dr. Supratik Gangopadhyay, Associate Professor, Department of Botany & Coordinator Department of Microbiology, Asansol Girl’s College
7 “Basic Computer and Soft Skill Training for Physics and Philosophy Undergraduates” 30th of June 2021 For Physics and Philosophy Undergraduates (Department of Physics and Philosophy DGC) Prof. Tathagato Mukhopadhyay Associate Professor Department of CSS, Siksha Bhavana, Visva Bharati
8 Campus Interview for Science Students (Department of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) January 2020 For Science Students (Department of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) Shakambari Group.
9 Campus Interview of Commerce Graduates 13th March 2020 For Commerce Graduates (Department of Commerce DGC) Xpro India Limited, Biax Division-Barjora Unit-II
10 Campus Interview of Commerce Graduates 10th September 2021 For Commerce Graduates (Department of Commerce DGC) Xpro India Limited, Biax Division-Barjora Unit-II


The future Plans of the Career Counseling and Placement Cell are:

1. To increase and promote student-based activities in the form of organizing workshops.
2. Preparation of students for Competitive Examination via Alumni Meet. We would like to call our distinguished alumni and organize a free discussion on Career guidance/the preparation for competitive examinations like GATE/JAM/NET/SET
3. Organizing of workshops for preparing students for UPSC/WBCS examination
4. Organizing workshops on Career in Fine Arts (like Painting, Drawing, Acting, Dancing, Singing)
5. Organizing training/Helping students in getting informations regarding pursuing career in Air force/NCC/NSS. Sharing information regarding NCC camps being organized. The Career Counselling and Placement Cell would take help of the NSS and NCC wings of the College for this purpose.
6. Promoting basic Industrial training as a part of their Curriculum so that the students may develop the following qualities and skills which are required for the following kind of professions: –
a) Sales marketing requires good verbal skills/interpersonal skills/negotiation skills
b) Social media marketing requires creative skills
c) Customer service care requires good communication skills/problem solving skills

7. To promote the need for developing a sustainable university-industry partnership via the curriculum prescribed by the University.