(NAAC Accredited College with A Grade)

NAAC Steering Committee

NAAC Steering Committee


The Assessment and Accreditation (A & A) process in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) has emerged as a well accepted and adopted methodology for quality assurance throughout the world. Accordingly, Durgapur Government College will be applying for the assessment and accreditation for Cycle III by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) after completion of the accreditation period of Cycle II. The undersigned as the head of the institute is pleased to inform the constitution of the “NAAC Steering Committee” of the institution as detailed below with immediate effect.

Jt. Conveners:
Dr. Nivedita Acharjee (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)
Dr. Deep Banerjee (Assistant Professor of Commerce)

Sri Barun Bandyopadhyay (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) Abu Sayed (Librarian)
Dr. Bhumika Kanjilal (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)
Dr. Roli Shukla Ray (Assistant Professor of Zoology)
Sri Hrishikesh Mondal (Assistant Professor of Physics)
Dr. Ramit Das (Assistant Professor of English)
Dr. Sudipta Bhakat (Assistant Professor of Sanskrit)
Smt. Moutushi Sen (Assistant Professor of Botany)
Sri Dhananjay Das (Assistant Professor of Bengali)
Dr. Shreya Ray (Assistant Professor of Bengali)
Dr. Nupur Bhakta (Assistant Professor of Physics)
Dr. Saradee Sengupta (Assistant Professor of Geology)
Smt. Kamalica Mukherjee ((Assistant Professor of History)
Sri Sibaji Rit (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)
Smt. Nidhi Mishra (Assistant Professor of Political Science)
Sri Nisith Mondal (Assistant Professor of Economics)
Dr. Tapajit Bhattacharya (Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology)
Dr. Rajib Biswas (Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology)
Dr. Proloy Ganguly (Assistant Professor of Geology)
Smt. Sumana Chanda (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)