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The Department of Economics started its journey from the very beginning of the establishment of the college in 1970. The number of students gradually began to rise with the increase in seats, the latest intake capacity being 38 (according to official record). The department was formerly affiliated to the University of Burdwan, however, now all of the courses of the department are affiliated to the Kazi Nazrul University.

Initially, it was a department comprising students belonging to the Arts or Humanities stream. Gradually, the door was opened to the students of the science stream also and from then on the seats were divided between the students of the Arts section without Mathematics and those of the Science section with Mathematics. Presently, Department of Economics only offers B.Sc. Honours and Program Degrees under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University.

Since the beginning, the department has been enriched by teachers delivered by many academic stalwarts who excelled in the national and the international arena. The same is true for the students who have performed brilliantly in the university (The University of Burdwan) examinations. Several students of the department have obtained rank in the examination, many emerging as university toppers. Many of them have got admitted in institutes of national importance, such as Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mumbai University, Gokhale Institute of Economics and Politics, etc. apart from the Calcutta University. This department has produced good administrators,  professors, school teachers, bank employees, corporate leaders and industrial officials.

Faculty members of the department always try to insert knowledge on theoretical and practical economics to the students. If the faculty members feel that any one of the students cannot grasp the topic taught in the classroom, then that teacher takes the initiatives to make the student understand the topic by providing extra time after the class. If any one of the students irrespective the course/semester is poor in English writing, then the faculty member/s take initiatives to improve the writing skill of the said student. In addition, faculty members take surprise tests, and take internal examinations periodically within the semester to develop the writing skill and knowledge of the students.



The department offers following two undergraduate programmes in Economics under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol

• B.Sc. Honours in Economics

• B.Sc. Program in Economics

The curriculum and syllabus of these programmes is under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) implemented by the affiliating university.

The department offers generic elective course and program in Economics for the students of Arts and Science programmes.

Dr. Anjan Ray Chaudhury
Assistant Professor & Head

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Dr. Samapti Saha
Associate Professor

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Dr. Avijit Mandal
Associate Professor

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Nisith Mondal
Assistant Professor

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  • Total Intake for B.Sc. Honours in Economics: 35


    Total Intake for B.Sc. Program in Economics: 35
  • Besides the well-stocked central library, the department has a Seminar library with 184 very useful books which the students can access readily. The department has a good seminar library to cater to the needs of learning of the students. The library room on library day for each year is converted into a tutorial class so that the students can discuss different topics particularly relating to books being lent with the teachers. This open discussion has proved fruitful for both students and teachers to know and understand each other. The Department of Economics has a departmental library having 181 books on economics. Students of the department borrow books from this library according to their requirements. In-charge of this library is Dr. Anjan Ray Chaudhury.

  • Teachers use both chalk and talk method and computer aided methods of teaching. Lectures are delivered with the aid of LCD projector and overhead projector in addition to chalk and talk method. E-books are also provided to students for further study.

  • • Monthly test

    • Departmental seminars on burning topics in Economics

    • Projects on different topics related to the syllabus

    • Regular field survey basis in the neighbouring areas of Durgapur within the district.

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Seminar (14/07/2017) Topic: Impacts of Goods and Services Tax

Special Lecture (15/03/2017) Topic: Demonetization: Its merits and demerits in Indian Economy