Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

Maintenance of Physical Facilities

•Being a Government institution, the construction and maintenance related works of all buildings, library, classrooms, laboratories, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructure of Durgapur Government College is done by the PWD (Social Sector) & PWD (Electrical), Government of West Bengal. The Principal, Durgapur Government College, intimates the construction, maintenance and repairing related requirements, to the respective PWD, Government of West Bengal through office Memos as and when required in the institution.

•Portion of the fund received under RUSA Scheme has been utilized for upgradation of the existing laboratories and other infrastructure.

•Regular cleaning of the classrooms, laboratories and offices is done by the non-teaching staff. The NSS Unit also organizes cleanliness programmes in classrooms, libraries and the entire college campus.

•The expenditure for the maintenance of basic physical facilities and security such as electricity, telephone services, security guard, office expenses, water tax, travelling allowances, CCTV surveillance etc. is incurred from the respective grants received after the administrative approval of the State Government.

•The Principal applies to the Government of West Bengal for administrative approval and allotment of funds for other related repairing works such as partitioning of classrooms, repairing of wooden framework, modernization of laboratories etc.


Maintenance of academic and support facilities

•The college receives grant from the Government of West Bengal under Plan Head and Non-Plan Head. The Plan Head mentions the assigned budget for procurement of different items which include chemicals and glassware, sports items, books & journals, equipment and contingency. The Non-Plan Head, can be used to some extent for maintenance of equipment, computers and other items. Departmental Heads and the concerned units/cells apply to the Principal for the purchase and maintenance of the academic facilities such as books and journals, equipment, computers, contingencies, organizing webinars/ seminars/ symposium/ conference, special lectures etc stating proper justification and budget of the proposal. After receiving approval of the Head of the institution, the “Central Purchase Committee” performs all activities related to the tender/quotations and payments strictly following the Government Guidelines in all purchases. To ensure optimal use of the resources, the Principal considers the suggestions of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) for allotment of funds to departments for organizing webinars/ seminars/ symposium/ conference and special lectures.

•While purchasing an equipment from any fund, it is always ensured that the installation charges and maintenance charges (within warranty period) are provided by the company, which delivers the equipment. Such clause is inserted in the work order of the equipment.

•The laboratory equipment are well maintained on regular basis by the respective non-teaching staff allotted for the department.

•Institutional overhead received from the major and minor research projects is also utilized for the maintenance of academic and support facilities of research activities.

•The Library Sub-Committee, headed by the Librarian of the institution, is constituted to propose the purchase and maintenance of the library resources. The Principal organizes meetings with the Departmental Heads to finalize the allotment of funds to the departments for the purchase of books and journals.

•The maintenance of IT infrastructure such as internet services, computers, printers and other accessories is done by the local vendors as per requirement.