Environmental Awareness

Durgapur Government College Emerged as a Winner

On the occasion of Earth Day 22nd April 2021, “Team Bengal CAN” (a network of several key stakeholders to create awareness about air pollution and its impacts on health – setup under the aegis of SwitchON Foundation) organized a Zoom E-Workshop cum Presentation competition on 24th April 2021 in a collaboration with multiple colleges and industry experts. Durgapur Government College nominated a student team to join for the workshop themed “Restore our Earth”. The workshop was participated by students from leading colleges and universities from across West Bengal.

As a part of this e-workshop, a student team of 5 students of Conservation Biology made one PPT on the theme “Restore Our Earth”. The students presented on the topic “Restoration of forests from forest fire”. We are pleased to inform that Ms. Atasi Chatterjee, Mr. Fortune Ahmed, Mr. Mou Das, Ms. Chandrani Ghosh and Ms. Sujata Das have secured the winners position for the PPT Presentation competition. According to the mail sent by the organizers- “The responses we have received from the students was extremely overwhelming and it was difficult for the judges to choose the winners among colleges across 7 non-attainment cities. After a lot of brainstorming, our judges have finalized the winners from 7 non-attainment cities across Bengal. And we are happy to announce that Durgapur Govt. College is one of them.”



National level e-poster competition in COVID19 lockdown on “March towards better future with clean environment” as a collaborative initiative of IQAC and P.G. Department of Conservation Biology, Durgapur Government College and Durgapur Wildlife Information and Nature Guide Society (Govt. Regd.) from 5th June (World Environment Day) to 12th June, 2020.

Our students were among the first five participants to report maximum number of birds from West Bengal in 2017