IQAC Activities

IQAC Organized National level e-poster competition in COVID19 lockdown on “March towards better future with clean environment” as a collaborative initiative of IQAC and P.G. Department of Conservation Biology, Durgapur Government College and Durgapur Wildlife Information and Nature Guide Society (Govt. Regd.) from 5th June (World Environment Day) to 12th June, 2020.

IQAC Organized Workshop on E-content: Development and Uploading of the four quadrants on 14.03.2019

E-learning is a computer based educational tool or system that enables one to learn anywhere and at any time. Teaching can be made more interesting and organized with clarity through development of e-content. “E-content development” is an effective and interesting way of curriculum delivery by the teacher and to strengthen the student-teacher bonding. In this technological world, E-content development has gained wide significance since it provides tremendous opportunities for capturing, storing, disseminating and communicating a wide variety of information to students within a very short period of time. E-content is not meant for waiving the regular classes. It is an ICT technique to enhance the teaching-learning process to even greater heights and ensure a well organized student-centric learning process. With this objective, IQAC of the college organized a workshop for faculty members for “E-content: Development and uploading of the four quadrants” in association with Department of Chemistry on 14.03.2019. The workshop was attended by faculty members of neighboring colleges and university. Students can clear their doubts even after regular classes by the help of E-content. E-content helps in better understanding of the topic by the use of animations, power-point presentations and illustrations provided by the teacher. Development of E-content and its uploading should be performed through a learning management system (LMS). LMS refers to a software platform which will provide the facility of uploading e-resources by the teachers and it will also provide student access to E-resources. Division of syllabus into modules, the concept of four quadrants and the latest UGC guidelines were explained in the workshop. Subsequently, development of a moodle site (an effective learning management system) designing a course and uploading of e-content was also demonstrated during the workshop.