Our Objectives :

• Holistic development of young adults enrolled as students

• Providing quality higher education and taking care of intellectual, social, economic, emotional needs of students

• Adopting student-friendly approaches to teaching and learning as far as practicable

• Encouraging faculty members to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and other faculty development programmes to enrich and update their academic and administrative knowledge and capacity building

• Kindling interest in students not only in their subjects but also in related fields and help them ramify and diversify areas of interest

• Encouraging standard research activities of faculty members and students

• Organising Career Counselling sessions for students to enable them face the competitive world

• Encouraging participation of faculty in discussions to teach students with different learning paces

• Facilitating differently-abled students easy access to classrooms and learning

• Imparting training to members of the non-teaching staff to utilize computer facilities in documentation

• Overall personality development of the students through NSS, NCC, sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities.

• Overall development of an ethical sense and increasing awareness in terms of gender sensitization, cleanliness, environmental protection etc.

• Inculcation of value-orientation in students through the promotion of a sensitive attitude towards one’s surrounding and culture

• Promotion of leadership qualities

• Organising awareness programmes to teach proper use of toilets and maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere in the campus, as well as in their life outside the campus

• Sensitizing all stakeholders to preserve resources of the college and its surroundings

• Making the campus an environmental friendly zone