(NAAC Accredited College with A Grade)


Durgapur Government College houses an active NCC Unit. All students receive financial assistance from the Government of India through 10 Bengal Bn. Asansol. Presently classes and training program for the fulfillment of the course pertaining to NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates, including foot drill and command, weapon training, field craft, battle craft, map reading etc held in every Saturday under the supervision of PI stuffs of the 10 Bengal Bn. Asansol. Cadets of the college NCC unit take part in the following camps organized by NCC authority a) Combined Annual Training Camp(CATC) b) Annual training Camp(ATC) c) Republic Day Camp (RDC) d) Thal Sainik Camp (TSC) e) National Integration Camp (NIC) f) Army Attachment Camp (AAC) g) Trekking camp h) Rock Climbing Camp (RCC) i) All India GV Mavlankar Shooting Championship j) Youth Exchange Programme (YEP) In these camps, rigorous physical training is imparted to the cadets with a view to increase their physical endurance. During Military training, cadets acquire first-hand knowledge about the use of various devices used by the Army. They are also trained on self defense, map reading, first aid and shooting. Cultural programs are also held during training periods for improving the cultural and social outlook of the cadets. They also have to participate in various social activities to get the feeling of belonging to the society. Apart from these, cadets also join the adventure activities such as Mountaineering, Rock Climbing; Ice skating, Trekking etc. NCC team regularly participates in the formal Sub Division level Guard of Honour on 26th January and 15th August to commemorate the Republic Day and Independence Day of India and almost every year perform outstandingly. NCC cadets also participate in the march-past during the college sports. NCC Cadets celebrate “National Yoga Day” in the college campus.