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Avidyayāmṛtyumtīrtvāvidyayāmṛtamaśnute.(Iśopaniṣad, verse. 11)

vidyā and avidyā to be performed by same person, crosses death by avidyā and attains immortality or divinity by vidyā

The Department of Sanskrit was created since the establishment of the college and functioning till date following the syllabus framed by the university of Burdwan and Kazi Najrul University since academic session 2015-16. Prof. Rajat Baran Dutta Roy was the first Head of the Department of Sanskrit. Prof Ramananda Acharya was a renowned scholar of this Department . At present, three full-time teachers and two part-time teachers are serving the department maintaining its tradition and reputation. The number of students of both honours and general courses is increasing in a steady way. Contextually, we have to mention that before the year 2000, the numbers of students was very poor and the lack of job was the main issue in this particular subject. Around that time when the Government started appointing teachers in Government aided schools through the School Service Commission, then the scenario changed gradually and the number of students increased. At present, the Department has achieved its former glory through erudite teachers and dedicated students.


The department offers following two undergraduate programmes in Sanskrit under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol

• B.A. Honours in Sanskrit

• B.A. Program in Sanskrit

The curriculum and syllabus of these programmes is under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) implemented by the affiliating university.

The department offers generic elective course in Sanskrit for the students of Arts Honours programmes.

Dr. Debamitra Dey
Associate Professor & Head

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Sudeshna Dey
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Sudipta Bhakat
Assistant Professor

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Kakali Ghosh
State Aided College Teacher

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  • Total Intake for B.A. Honours in Sanskrit: 60


    Total Intake for B.A. Program in Sanskrit: 35
  • Departmental Seminar Library has 587 books. The Department is also equipped with computer and LCD projector facilities.

  • Department of Sanskrit has an efficient teaching and learning system which is evident from the success profile of students. Teachers of the department use both chalk and talk method and computer aided methods to teach in classrooms.

  • • Class tests

    • Viva-voce, MCQ, topic based project processing and analysis of a particular text with apt illustrations

University Results



• Every year students of the department actively participate in annual exhibitions. The theme of exhibition of year 2016-2017 was Upanisadic theme and world peace.

• Discussion meeting was organized on 27.07.2017, 07.08.2017 and 16.08.2017 on “Ethics in ancient India, women’s position in Veda,Niti and naitikata in ancient scriptures”

• Special lectures dated 28/08/2017, 30/08/2017, 01/09/2017 and 07/09/2017 were organized on Karakachakra, Sanskrit sahityatattva, Indian classical music and its transformation, glory of ancient India by transformation of Brahmi scripts.